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Tóruigheacht Dhiarmada agus Ghráinne

Place and tribal names

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(Onom. = Onomasticon Goedelicum)
(FM. = Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland by the Four Masters, ed. O’Donovan)
(Fy. = The Genealogies, Tribes and Customs of Hy-Fiachrach, ed. O’Donovan)
(Im. = The Tribes and Customs of Hy-Many, ed. O’Donovan)
(Lct. = Leabhar na gCeart, ed. O’Donovan)
(Tp. = Topographical Poems, ed. O’Donovan)
(Fia. = Annals of Ireland: Three Fragments, ed. O’Donovan)
(Rc. = Revue Celtique)

In addition to the above online sources, identification of the placenames below is based on the Fascicles of the following publication, where available:

HDGP = Historical dictionary of Gaelic placenames (Ó Riain et al.)

The placenames marked with a star (*) below have been identified and appear in the Google Map above.

*Aine = Aine Cliach, (Éoganacht Áine), (Map – Eóganacht Áine), a hill in Knockainy East / Knockainy West townlands, barony of Smallcounty (Map), Co. Limerick (FM. i p. 278, note e) (HDGP i p. 33, s.n. Áine Chliach; p. 32, s.n. Áine (1)) (Onom. ‘aine’, ‘aine cliach’), §1.53

Alba, from the 9th Century, the Gaelic kingdom in Scotland, later the whole of Scotland (HDGP i p. 50, s.n. Alba (1)) (Onom. ‘alba’), §2.31

*Almu, Allen Hill, in the townland of Carrick, barony of Connell (Map), Co. Kildare (Fia. pp. 32-33 (45-46), note b) (HDGP i p. 55, s.n. Almha) (Onom. ‘almu’), §§1.1, 1.4, 1.48, etc.

Áth Fraoich, probably near Sliabh Fuaid (see Síd Findachaid below) (HDGP i p. 134, s.n. Áth Fraoich) (Onom. ‘á. fraoich’), §2.25

*Áth na Ríogh, on the Clarin River in the town of Athenry, barony of Athenry (Map), Co. Galway (HDGP i p. 150, s.n. Áth na Ríogh) (Onom. ‘á. na ríg’, ‘a. an ríogh’), §1.53

*Beal Átha Luain = Áth Luain, on the River Shannon, at Athlone, Co. Westmeath and Co. Roscommon (FM. i p. 553, note y) (HDGP ii p. 90, s.n. Béal Átha Luain; i p. 140, s.n. Áth Luain) (Onom. ‘b. atha luain’, ‘á. luain’), §§1.13. 1.15

*Beith, River Behy, barony of Iveragh (Map), Co. Kerry (HDGP ii p. 143, s.n. Beithe) (Onom. ‘beith’), §1.23

*Benn Damhuis = Dubhcharn, perhaps the Djouce Mountain, in Glasnamullen townland, barony of Ballinacor North (Map), Co. Wicklow (HDGP ii p. 119, s.n. Beann Damhais) (Onom. ‘b. damhuis’), §2.35

*Benn Gulban, Benbulbin Mountain, barony of Carbury (Map), Co. Sligo (FM. iii p. 493, note o) (HDGP ii p. 122, s.n. Beann Ghulba(i)n (1)) (Onom. ‘b. gulban’), §§2.38, 2.40, 2.48, etc.

*Benn Liath = Brí Léith, a hill, 1 mile South-West of the village of Ardagh, in Garrycam townland, barony of Moydow (Map), Co. Longford (Lct. p. 9, note p) (HDGP ii p. 123, s.n. Beann Léith; p. 197, s.n. Brí Léith) (Onom. ‘b. liath’,‘b. léith’), §1.53

*Bernán Ele, Devilsbit Mountain, barony of Ikerrin (Map), Co. Tipperary (Tp. p. lxxxv (299), note 772) (HDGP ii p. 135, s.n. Bearnán Éile) (Onom. ‘bernán ele’), §1.53

*Bóand, the River Boyne in Leinster (FM. i p. 91, A.M. 5160) (HDGP ii p. 155, s.n. Bóinn (Bóann), an) (Onom. ‘bóand’), §§1.20, 1.53

*Bogach Finnleithid, between the Lemain and the Cárthach, in this text; the valley of the River Lee near Tralee, Co. Kerry (HDGP ii p. 154, s.n. Bogach Finnleithid), §1.23, 1.39, 1.42

Bregmag = Brega = Mag Breg (Map – Brega), the Eastern part of the central plain, between Midhe and the Irish Sea, mainly in Co. Meath, with parts of Co. Dublin (North of the River Liffey) and Co. Louth (South of the River Dee) (Lct. p. 11, note z) (HDGP ii p. 174, s.n. Breaghmhagh = Breagha (1); s.n. Magh Bhreagh = Breagha (1)) (Onom. ‘bregmag’, ‘brega’, ‘m. breg’), §§1.9, 1.53, 2.42

*Brug ós bóinn = Brug na Bóinne,  Newgrange monument, a burial mound in the townland of Newgrange, barony of Slane Upper (Map), Co. Meath (FM. i p. 22, note w) (HDGP ii p. 207, s.n. Brugh (na) Bóinne; p. 205, s.n. Brugh Mic an Óg) (Onom. ‘brug na bóinne’, ‘b. na bóinne’), §§1.20, 2.26, 2.30, etc.

Bruiden an Chaorthainn, legendary placename (HDGP ii p. 208, s.n. Bruidhean (an) Chaorthainn) (Onom. ‘b. an chaorthainn’), §§2.43, 2.44

Bruiden an Oileáin, unidentified; on the River Shannon (HDGP ii p. 208, s.n. Bruidhean an Oiléin), §§2.43, 2.44

Bun Irse, unidentified, §2.29

*Cárthach, the River Caragh, which flows into Rossbehy Creek, barony of Iveragh (Map), Co Kerry (HDGP iii p. 101, s.n. Cárthach) (Onom. ‘cárthach’), §§1.23, 1.42

Cearna = Cerne, probably Carnes East and Carnes West townlands, barony of Duleek Upper (Map), Co. Meath (FM. i p. 545, note z) HDGP iv p. 91, s.n. Cearmna = Cearna (1)) (Onom. ‘cearna’, ‘cerne’), §§1.9, 2.42

*Ceis Chorainn, Kesh Corran mountain near the village of Kesh, barony of Corran (Map), Co. Sligo (FM. v p. 1768, note h) (HDGP iv p. 136, s.n. Ceis Chorainn) (Onom. ‘ceis chorainn’), §2.35

Ciarraige Luachra, (Ciarraige Luachra), (Map – Ciarraige Luachra), originally in Luachair / Sliabh Luachra, a mountainous area in South West Co. Limerick and North West Co. Cork, but mainly in East Co. Kerry (HDGP iv p. 145, s.n. Ciarraighe Luachra) (Onom. ‘ciarraige luachra’), §§2.3, 2.8

Clann Ricaird, the territory of Clann Uilliam (Búrc) in Clanricard, which in 1585 comprised six baronies in Co. Galway: Loughrea, Kiltartan, Clare, Dunkellin, Athenry and Leitrim (partly now in Co. Clare) (Map) (Im. pp. 17-18 (27-28))

 (HDGP v p. 46, s.n. Clann Riocaird) (Onom. ‘c. ricaird’), §1.14

Cnoc na n-os, more than one place of this name (HDGP v p. 179, s.n. Cnoc na nOs (3)) (Onom. ‘c. na n-os’), §1.53

*Cnúcha, a hill in Castleknock townland, barony of Castleknock (Map), Co. Dublin (FM. i p. 39, note f) (HDGP v p. 188, s.n. Cnucha (1)) (Onom. ‘cnúcha’), §§1.51, 2.2

Colamhna teanna teamhra, unidentified (Onom. ‘colamhna teanna teamra’), §§1.9, 2.42

Collamair, between the mouth of the Delvin River, in Co. Dublin and Co. Meath, and Turvey, Co. Dublin (HDGP vi pp. 29-30, s.n. Collamhair) (Onom. ‘collamair’), §1.5

Connachta, the territory west of the River Shannon (HDGP vi p. 48, s.n. Connachta) (Onom. ‘connachta’), §§1.14, 1.16

Corco Duibne, (Corco Duibne), (Map – Corca Duibne), people and territory in the baronies of Corkaguiny, Iveragh and Magunihy (Map), Co. Kerry (Tp. p. lxviii (282), note 594) (HDGP vi p. 65, s.n. Corca Dhuibhne) (Onom. ‘c. duibne’), §§2.8, 2.35, 2.54

Cromghlenn na bh-Fian, an older name for Glenn Fleisce (HDGP vi pp. 121, s.n. Croimghleann na bhFian = Gleann Fleisce) (Onom. ‘cromghlenn na bh-fiann’),  §1.54

Cuirrech Cinn Adhmuid, over Tonn Tóime, Co. Kerry (HDGP vi p. 184, s.n. Cu(i)rr(e)ach Cinn Amaide) (Onom. ‘c. cinn adhmuid’), §1.23

Daire Dha Bhoth, in Maenmag, in Clann Ricaird (HDGP vii p. 90, s.n. Doire Dá Bhaoth (1)) (Onom. ‘d. dha bhoth’), §§1.14, 1.16, 1.18, 1.19, etc.

Druim Mór, many places of this name (Onom. ‘d. mór’), §2.25

*Dubhros Ó bhFiachrach, in Uí Fiachrach (Aidni), possibly Doorus, barony of Kiltartan (Map), Co. Galway (O’Grady, Vol. 1, op. cit., p. 73, note 104) (Onom. ‘dubhros’, ‘d. o. bhfiachrach’), §§1.51, 2.1, 2.10, etc.

Dún Eochair Maighi, on the River Maigue, Co. Limerick (Onom. ‘d. eochair maigi’), §§2.3, 2.6

Ériu, Ireland (Onom. ‘ériu’), §§1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.

*Es Ruaid = Es Ruaid meic Modhuirn, the falls of Assaroe on the River Erne at Ballyshannon, barony of Tirhugh (Map), Co. Donegal (Fy. p. 76 (95), note c) (Onom. ‘es ruaid’, ‘es ruaid meic modhuirn’) §§1.53, 2.41

Fionnmhúr, unidentified, §1.53

Garbh-abha na bh-Fian, an older name for Lemain (Onom. ‘garbh-abha na bh-fian’), §§1.23, 1.42, 1.54

*Glenn Fleisce, the valley of the River Flesk, barony of Magunihy (Map), Co. Kerry (FM. v p. 1374, note b) Onom. ‘g. fleisce’), §1.54

Inis Tuile, Thule, a fabled island (Onom. ‘i. tuile’), §§2.43, 2.44

Laigin, Leinster (Onom. ‘laigin’), §§1.1, 1.4, 1.48, etc.

*Leamhain, the River Laune which flows from Lough Leane (the Lakes of Killarney) into Castlemaine Harbour, Co. Kerry (FM. i p. 59, note a) (Onom. ‘leamhain’), §§1.23, 1.24, 1.42, etc.

Lecc Dubháin, on Sliab Luachra (Onom. ‘l. dubháin’), §1.46

Léinchnoc, unidentified, §1.53

Liathluachra, unidentified, §2.2

*Lionán, possibly Leenaun, barony of Ross (Map), Co. Galway (FM. iii p. 278, note g) (Onom. ‘lionán’), §1.53

Lochlainn, people of Norway, Sweden, Denmark (Onom. ‘lochlainn’), §1.53

*Loch Léin, Lough Leane (the Lakes of Killarney), Co. Kerry (FM. v p. 1779, note c) (Onom. ‘l. léin’), §§1.52, 1.54

*Luimnech, originally the River Shannon below the city of Limerick; later applied not to the river but to the city (FM. i p. 272, note b) (Onom. ‘luimnech’), §§1.21, 1.49, 2.1

*Maenmag, (Map – Maenmagh), the plain around Loughrea, in the barony of Loughrea (Map), Co. Galway (FM. i p. 28, note y) (FM. v p. 1403, note l) (Onom. ‘m. mag’, ‘m. maonmaighe’), §1.19

Mag Coinchinne = Mag Concon, the barony of Magunihy (Map), Co. Kerry (FM. v p. 1756, note b) (Onom. ‘m. coinchinne’, ‘m. concon’), §1.42

Mide, (Mide) (Map – Mide), Mide is nearly coextensive with the diocese of Meath (Map), which includes the greater part of Co.’s Meath, Westmeath and Offaly (Au. ii p. 133) (Onom. ‘mide’), §2.42

*Muad, (Map – An Mhuaidh), the River Moy which flows into Killala Bay at Ballina, Co. Mayo (FM. ii p. 884, note l) (Onom. ‘muad’), §1.54

Muir n-Icht, the English Channel (FM. i p. 127, note z) (Onom. ‘m. n-icht’), §§1.25, 1.30

Muma, Munster (Map) (Onom. ‘muma’), §1.22

Ráith Fhinn, unidentified, §2.52

Ráith Ghrainne, in Ceis Chorainn, Co. Sligo (Onom. ‘r. ghrainne’), §§2.35, 2.37, 2.38, etc.

Ráithín na nAbarnaigh, on the summit of Beann Ghulban, §2.41

Ros Dá Saileach, an older name of Luimneach (Onom. ‘r. dá sailech’), §§1.21, 1.22, 1.49, etc.

Síd Breg, unidentified (Onom. ‘s. breg’), §1.53

Síd Cairnn Cháin, unidentified (Onom. ‘s. cairnn cháin’), §1.53

*Síd Findachaid, on the top of Sliabh Fuaid, the highest mountain in the Fews, a mountain range near Newtownhamilton, in the barony of Fews Upper, Fews Upper (Map), in Co. Armagh (Onom. ‘s. findachaid’), §1.52

*Sinand, the Shannon River (FM. i p. 355, A.D. 751) (Onom. ‘sinand’), §§1.23, 1.49, 2.43

*Sliab Crott, Mount Grud, in the townland of Cappauniac, barony of Clanwilliam (Map), Co. Tipperary (FM. ii p. 874, note y) (Onom. ‘s. crott’), §§2.24, 2.25

*Sliab Cúa, Knockmealdown Mountains, Co. Waterford (FM. i p. 48, note l) (Onom. ‘s. cúa’), §§2.23, 2.25

Sliab Drom Mór, unidentified, §2.25

*Sliab Echtgi, Slieve Aughty mountains, on the borders of Co. Galway and Co. Clare (FM. vi p. 2004, note w) (Onom. ‘s. echtgi’, ‘echtge’), §1.50

Sliab Guaire, Slieve Gorey, barony of Clankee (Map), Co. Cavan (FM. ii pp. 866-7, note z) (Onom. ‘s. guaire’), §§2.24, 2.25

Sliab Luachra, Sliabh Luachra or Slieve Logher Mountains on the borders of Cork, Kerry and Limerick (Onom. ‘s. luachra’), §§1.39, 1.42, 1.49, etc.

Sliab Lugha, (Map – Sliabh Lugha), “comprised the parishes of Kilkelly, Kilmovee, Killeagh, Kilcolman, and Castlemore-Costello, in the barony of Costello (Map), Co. Mayo” (Fy. p. 497) (Onom. ‘s. lugha’), §2.25

*Sliab Mis, Slieve Mish Mountains, barony of Trughanacmy (Map), Co. Kerry (FM. i p. 25, note b) (FM. v p. 1731, note d) (Onom. ‘s. mis’), §§1.53, 2.25

Sliab Mór, unidentified (Onom. ‘s. mór’), §2.25

*Sliab Muice, Slievenamuck, barony of Clanwilliam (Map) Co. Tipperary (FM. vi p. 2150, note p) (Onom. ‘s. muice’), §2.25

Tech Midchúarta, Teach Miodhchuarta, the banquet hall at Tara, Co. Meath (Rc. xv p. 287, §26) (Onom. ‘t. midchúarta’), §§1.4, 1.8

*Temair, (Map – Teamhair), Tara, Co. Meath (FM. i pp. 30-31, note h) (Onom. ‘temair’), §§1.2,1.3, 1.4

*Temair Luachra, near Ballahantouragh (Béal Átha an Teamhrach), barony of Trughanacmy (Map), Co. Kerry (FM. v p. 1731, note c) (Onom. ‘t. luachra’), §2.2

Tír Tairrngire, Land of Promise (Onom. ‘t. tairrngire’), §§1.54, 2.1

*Tond Tóime, in Dingle Bay, near Rossbehy, barony of Iveragh (Map), Co. Kerry (Onom. ‘t. tóime’), §1.23

Uaimh Dorcha Fearrna, in the west of Corkaguiny (Map), Co. Kerry (Onom. ‘u. dorcha fearrna’), §2.8

Ui Conaill Gabra, (Uí Chonaill Gabra), (Uí Fidgeinti), (Map – Uí Fidgeinte), the baronies of Connello Upper and Connello Lower (Map), Co. Limerick (Tp. p. lxxvii (291), note 692) (Onom. ‘ui conaill gabra’), §1.49

Ui Fiachrach (Aidni), (Uí Fiachrach Aidne), (Map – Uí Fiachrach Aidne), Uí Fiachrach Aidni was co-extensive with the Diocese of Kilmacduagh (Map), in the baronies of Kiltartan and Dunkellin (Map) (Onom. ‘ui fiachrach aidni’), §§1.50, 1.54, 2.1, etc.

Ulaid, Ulster, Ulstermen (Onom. ‘ulaid’) , §1.22

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