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Fingal Rónáin

Background information

References in the Annals of the Four Masters, the Chronicon Scotorum, the Annals of Ulster and the Annals of Tigernach

M3501.1 The erection of … Dun Sobhairce, in Murbholg Dal Riada, by Sobhairce.

M3668.1 The first year of the joint reign of Sobhairce and Cearmna Finn, the two sons of Ebric, son of Emher, son of Ir, son of Milidh, over Ireland; and they divided it between them into two parts: Sobhairce resided in the north, at Dun Sobhairce; and Cearmna in the south, at Dun Cearmna.

M610.4 Ronan, son of Colman, King of Leinster, died.

CS615 The death of Rónán son of Colmán, king of Laigin.

M619.3 Ronan, son of Colman, died.

M624.4 Ronan, son of Colman, died.

U624.1 Death of Rónán, son of Colmán.

CS624 Death of Rónan son of Colmán.

T625.1 The death of Ronán son of Colmán.

U626.1 The battle of Leithet Midind in which Fiachna of Lurga fell.

U666.3 Eochaid Iarlaithe, king of the Cruithin, dies.

M665.5 Eochaidh Iarlaidh, King of the Cruithne, also died.

CS666 Eochaid Iarlaithe, king of the Cruithin, dies.

The History of Ireland (Geoffrey Keating), Volume 2

p. 125 Cearmna and Sobhairce, two sons of Eibric son of Eibhear, son of Ir, son of Milidh of Spain, held the sovereignty of Ireland forty years, and were the first Ultonian kings of Ireland; and they divided the sovereignty of Ireland between them; and the boundary of this division extended from Innbhear Colpa at Droichead Atha to Luimneach of Munster. Sobhairce obtained the northern part, and built a dun on his own division, namely, Dun Sobhairce. Cearmna obtained the southern division, and built a dun beside the southern sea, namely, Dun Cearmna; and it is now called Dun Mic Padraig in the Courcys’ country.

Book of Leinster (Best et alia), Volume 1
p. 181, Ríg Laigin. 13. Ronan mac Colmain .ix. éc de rith fola.

The Triads of Ireland (Meyer)
(See Section 2) No. 36, p. 5 (26)
The three forts of Ireland: Dunseverick, Dun Cermna and Cahir Conree.

Lectures of the Manuscript Materials of Ancient Irish History (O’Curry)
List of Historic Tales in the Book of Leinster includes:
Aided Maelfathartaig mic Ronain (The Tragical Death of Maelfathartaig, son of Ronan), p. 588 (624)

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Book of Leinster
Cycles of the Kings
Eochaid Iarlaithe (d. 666); Kings of Dál nAraidi; Dál nAraidi
Fiachnae mac Báetáin (d. 626); Kings of Ulster; Kings of Dál nAraidi; Dál nAraidi
Rónán mac Colmáin (d. 624); Kings of Leinster

Early Christian Sites in Ireland

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