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Longes mac n-Uislenn

Place and tribal names

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(Onom. = Onomasticon Goedelicum)
(FM. = Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland by the Four Masters, ed. O’Donovan)
(Fy. = The Genealogies, Tribes and Customs of Hy-Fiachrach, ed. O’Donovan)

Alba, Scotland (Onom. ‘alba’), §§11, 13, 18,

Benn Étair, the promontory of Howth, barony of Coolock (Map), Co. Dublin (FM. ii p. 681, note i) (Onom. ‘b. étair’), §11

Emain Macha, Navan Fort, (Map – Eamhain Macha), 2 miles West of the town of Armagh, Co. Armagh  (FM. i p. 431, note d) (Onom. ‘e. macha’), §§5, 8, 14, etc.

Ériu, Ireland (Onom. ‘ériu’), §§6, 10, 11, 14

Es Ruaid, the falls of Assaroe on the River Erne at Ballyshannon, barony of Tirhugh (Map), Co. Donegal (Fy. p. 76 (95), note c)  (Onom. ‘es ruaid’), §11

Étar, see Benn Étair

Fern-mag, (Fernmag), the barony of Farney (Map), Co. Monaghan (FM. i p. 36, notes x and c) (Onom. ‘fern-mag’), §14

Óinach Macha, at Emain Macha (FM. ii p. 975, line 7) (Onom. ‘ó. macha’), §19

Ulaid, Ulster, Ulstermen (Onom. ‘ulaid’), §§1, 4, 5, etc.