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Geneamuin Chormaic

Place and tribal names

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(Onom. = Onomasticon Goedelicum)
(FM. = Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland by the Four Masters, ed. O’Donovan)
(Lct. = Leabhar na gCeart, ed. O’Donovan)
(ML. = Cath Mhuighe Léana, ed. O’Curry)
(Adr. = Dr. Reeves' Notes to Adamnan’s Vita Sancti Columbae)
(Obr. =  O’Brien’s Irish-English Dictionary)
(Rc. = Revue Celtique)

In addition to the above online sources, identification of the placenames below is based on the Fascicles of the following publication, where available:

HDGP = Historical dictionary of Gaelic placenames (Ó Riain et al.)

The placenames marked with a star (*) below have been identified and appear in the Google Map above.

Achail, a misreading for Conachail, §5

Banba, originally an alternative name for Breagha; more commonly used as a poetic name for Ireland (HDGP ii p. 76, s.n. Banbha) (Onom. ‘banba’), §6

*Bóand, the River Boyne in Leinster (FM. i p. 91, A.M. 5160) (HDGP ii p. 155, s.n. Bóinn (Bóann), an) (Onom. ‘bóand’), §12

Brug Breag, honorific for Ireland (?) (HDGP ii p. 204, s.n. Brugh Breagh), §12

*Brug na Bóinne = Brug Meicc ind Óc, Newgrange monument, a burial mound in the townland of Newgrange, barony of Slane Upper (Map), Co. Meath (FM. i p. 22, note w) (HDGP ii p. 207, s.n. Brugh (na) Bóinne, p. 205, s.n. Brugh Mic an Óg) (Onom. ‘b. meicc ind óc’, ‘brug na bóinne’, ‘b. na bóinne’), §12

Cenn Craibhighe, in Conachail  (HDGP iv p. 73, s.n. Ceann Craoibhighe) (Onom. ‘c. craibhighe i conachail’), §5

Claenferte, the Sloping Trenches, (Map – Claenfearta), at Tara, Co. Meath; West of Ráith Ghráinne (FM. i p. 114, note h) (HDGP v p. 59, s.n. Claoinfhearta, an (1)) (Onom. ‘claenferte’), §10

Cleiteach, legendary house-site overlooking the River Boyne, Co. Meath (FM. i pp. 115-116, note o) (ML. p. 66 (102), note b) (HDGP v p. 69, s.n. Cleiteach (1)) (Onom. ‘cleiteach’), §12

*Conachail, the townland of Cunghill, barony of Leyny (Map), Co. Sligo (FM. ii p. 929, note g) (HDGP vi p. 38, s.n. Conachail (1)) (Onom. ‘conachail’), §5

Connachta, the territory west of the River Shannon (HDGP vi p. 48, s.n. Connachta) (Onom. ‘connachta’), §3

Corann, the barony of Corran, Co. Sligo, but formally included the baronies of Leyny, Co. Sligo and Gallen (Map), Co. Mayo (Obr. p. 125) (HDGP vi p. 58, s.n. Corann, (an)) (Onom. ‘corann’), §§3, 4, 9

(Corca) Fhirtrí, (Corca Fhir Trí), (Map – Corco Fhir Trí), people and territory in the baronies of Leyny and Corran (Map), Co. Sligo (FM. ii p. 656, note l) (HDGP vi p. 68, s.n. Corca Fhir Thrí; p. 78, s.n. Corca Thrí) (Onom. ‘c. fhirtrí’), §3

(Corca) Fhirtrí, (Corca Fhir Trí), (Map – Corco Fhir Trí), the people of Corann (FM. ii p. 656, note l) (Onom. ‘c. fhirtrí’), §3

Fidhnacha, in Corann in Connaught (Onom. ‘fidhnacha’), §4

Fir Cúl Breg, (Fir Cúl Breg), (Map – Fir Chúl Breg), now the baronies of Kells Upper and Kells Lower (Map), Co. Meath (FM. i p. 297, note p) (Onom. ‘f. cúl’ and ‘f. cúl breg’), §9

Gregraige, (Grecraige), (Map – Grecraige), ‘the Gregories’, a district in the South of Co. Sligo, supposed to be co-extensive with the barony of Coolavin (Map), but anciently more extensive (Lct. p. 99, note d) (Onom. ‘gregraige’), §6

Luaigni (na Temrach), a people in Co. Meath; possibly the barony of Lune (Map), Co. Meath (FM. i p. 102, note i) (Onom. ‘luaigni’), §6

*(Mag) Mucruma, the plain South-West of Athenry, Co. Galway (FM. i p. 108, note a) (Onom. ‘m. mucruma’), §1

*Ros na Ríg, Rossnaree, a ford on the River Boyne, near Slane, Co. Meath (Adr. p. 235, note a) (Onom. ‘ros na ríg’), §12

Sídh Chormaic, a misreading for Uaimh Cormaic (Rc. xiv p. 332), §5

*Sinand, the River Shannon (FM. i p. 355, A.D. 751) (Onom. ‘sinand’), §1

*Temair, Tara (Map – Teamhair), Co. Meath (FM. i pp. 30-31, note h) (Onom. ‘temair’), §§6, 8, 9, etc.

Uaimh Cormaic, in Cenn Craibhighe in Conachail, in Connaught (Onom. ‘u. cormaic ’), §5

Ulaid, Ulster (Onom. ‘ulaid’), §12