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Forbuis Droma Damhghaire

Place and tribal names

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(Onom. = Onomasticon Goedelicum)
(FM. = Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland by the Four Masters, ed. O’Donovan)
(Fy. = The Genealogies, Tribes and Customs of Hy-Fiachrach, ed. O’Donovan)
(Lct. = Leabhar na gCeart, ed. O’Donovan)
(Tp. = Topographical Poems, ed. O’Donovan)
(Fia. = Annals of Ireland: Three Fragments, ed. O’Donovan)
(Mr. = Battle of Magh Rath, ed. O’Donovan)
(Mis. = Miscellany of the Celtic Society, ed. O’Donovan)
(Ods. = O’Donovan’s Supplement to O’Reilly’s Irish-English Dictionary)
(Cor. = Cormac’s Glossary, tr. O’Donovan, ed. Stokes)
(Ls. = Ancient Laws of Ireland, ed. O’Donovan/O’Curry)
(Mm. = O’Curry’s Lectures on the Manuscript Materials of Ancient Irish History)
(ML. = Cath Mhuighe Léana, ed. O’Curry)
(Ra. = Reeves’ Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Down, Connor and Dromore)
(Au. = Annals of Ulster, ed. Hennessy/MacCarthy)
(Rc. = Revue Celtique)

(The placenames marked with a star (*) below have been identified and appear in the Google Map above)

Aes Cuile, (Onom. ‘aes cuile’), §65

*Aine (Cliach) = Cnoc Áine, (Éoganacht Áine), (Map – Eóganacht Áine), Knockainy (Cnoc Áine), barony of Smallcounty (Map), Co. Limerick (FM. i p. 278, note e) (Onom. ‘aine cliach’, ‘c. áine’), §115

Alba, Scotland (Onom. ‘alba’), §39

Ard Chluain na Fene = Imblech Ibair, (Onom. ‘a. chluain na fene’), §§36, 118

Ath Cille Buindén, (Onom. ‘a. cille buindén’), §69

*Ath Cliaich = Áth Cliath Medraige, (Map – Medraige), now Clarinbridge, barony of Dunkellin (Map), Co. Galway (FM. vi p. 2198, note z) (FM. vii p. 7) (Onom. ‘a. cliaich’, ‘á. cliath medraige’), §70

*Áth Colpa = Áth Colptha, at or near Raithin in Imairic; probably on the Morningstar River, Co. Limerick (Onom. ‘á. colpa’), §§45, 90

Ath Corco Maigen = Áth Colptha, (Onom. ‘a. corco maigen’), §45

Áth Croi, (Onom. ‘á. croi’), §34

Ath Cuili Fedha = Áth Croi, (Onom. ‘a. cuili fedha’), §34

Áth Abann, (Onom. ‘á. dá abann’), §69

Áth in tSluaig = Áth na n-Irlann, (Onom. ‘á. in tsluaig’), §§27, 37, 121

*Áth Isil, Athasselabbey North, barony of Clanwilliam (Map), Co. Tipperary; West of Cashel, on the River Suir (Ods. p. 577 (592)) (Onom. ‘á. isil’), §125

Áth Lethan = Áth Isil, (Onom. ‘á. lethan’), §125

Áth na n-Irlann, in the South-West of Mide (Onom. ‘á. na n-irlann’), §27

Áth na n-Óc = Áth Colpa = Áth Colptha, (Onom. ‘á. na n-óc’), §§45, 90

Áth Tuisil = Áth Isil, (Onom. ‘á. tuisil’), §125

Baern Leachta ua Setna, (Onom. ‘baern leachta ua setna’), §69

Becmhagh, (Onom. ‘becmhagh’), §27

Be Neit, §15

Bentraigi, now the barony of Bantry (Map), Co. Cork (Tp. p. lxvii (281), note 586) (Onom. ‘bentraigi’), §68

Bern Doire Cailli Monad = Baern Leachta ua Setna, (Onom. ‘bern doire cailli monad’), §69

Bern na nGall, (Onom. ‘bern na ngall’), §69

Bocaighe = Sliab Eiblinne, (Onom. ‘bocaighe’), §30

*Brug na Bóinne = Brug meicc ind Óc, Newgrange monument, in the townland of Newgrange, on the River Boyne, Co. Meath (FM. i p. 22, note w) (Onom. ‘brug na bóinne’, ‘b. na bóinne’, ‘b. meicc ind óc’), §3

Bundraidi, (Onom. ‘b. draidi’), §69

Caeiridhe = Caeraige, (Onom. ‘caeraige’), §31

Caille mac n-Eirc = Fir Maige, (Onom. ‘c. mac n-eirc’), §66

Caill Fhian, (Onom. ‘caill fhian’), §112

Cailli Menne mic Erca = Fir Maige, (Onom. ‘cailli menne mic erca’), §66

Caill Lethaird = Caill Fhian, (Onom. ‘c. lethaird’), §§111, 112

Caill Tochaill, (Onom. ‘c. tochaill’), §115

Caire Comain, in Cloenloch na nDeisi (Onom. ‘caire comain’), §68

Carn Aedha mic Lidhne, (Onom. ‘c. aedha mic lidhne’), §69

*Carn Feradaig, Cahernarry (Cripps) and Cahernarry (Keane), parish of Caherarry (Carn Fhearaígh), barony of Clanwilliam (Map), Co. Limerick (Onom. ‘c. feradaig’), §115

Carn Maelglasáin, (Onom. ‘c. maelglasáin’), §69

*Carn Tighearna mic Deghaid, Carntierna (Corrin Hill), barony of Barrymore (Map), Co. Cork (Mm. pp. 267-268 (299-300)) (Onom. ‘c. tighearna’, ‘c. t. mic deghaid’), §69

*Carrac Brachuidi = Carrac Brachaide, now Carrickabraghy, a territory which comprised the North-Western portion of the barony of Inishowen East (Map), Co. Donegal (Tp. p. xviii (232), note 97) (Onom. ‘c. brachaide’), §105

*Cenn Abrat, probably Seefin Mountain, Glenosheen, barony of Coshlea (Map), Co. Limerick (FM. i p. 107, note x) (Onom. ‘c. abrat’), §§65, 66

*Cenn Cláire, The Pinnacle, a mountain peak in the townland of Glenlary, in the parish of Ballingarry, barony of Coshlea (Map), Co. Limerick (Onom. ‘c. cláire’), §§11, 72, 101, etc.

Ciarraige, descended from Cíar, son of Medb and Fergus; one sept settled in Ciarraige Luachra, from which Co. Kerry is named (Onom. ‘ciarraige’), §65

Claire, a mountain (containing the mountain peak Cenn Cláire), mainly in the parish of Ballingarry, barony of Coshlea (Map), Co. Limerick (Onom. ‘claire’), §§24, 61, 108, etc.

*Cleiteach, a place close to Slane on the River Boyne, Co. Meath (FM. i pp. 115-116, note o) (ML. p. 66 (102), note b) (Onom. ‘cleiteach’), §§19, 69

Cliú, (Cliú), (Map – Clíu), a district containing Aine Cliach and stretching North as far as Lough Derg and East as far as the Galty Mountains (FM. i p. 47, note b) (Onom. ‘cliú’), §14

Clíu Máil maic Ugaine, in Min-Mairtine Muman; a district in the barony of Coshlea (Map), Co. Limerick (FM. v p. 1648, note t) (Onom. ‘c. máil maic ugaine’), §65

Cloenloch na nDeisi, in Dési Muman (Onom. ‘cloenloch na ndeisi’), §68

Clugh na Cruithneachta, (Onom. ‘clugh na cruithneachta’), §69

Cluithre Caerach, in Mairtine Muman (Onom. ‘cluithre caerach’), §103

Cnoc Déin, (Onom. ‘c. déin’), §125

Cnoc na Cenn = Druim Damgaire (Onom. ‘c. na cenn’), §§37, 38

*Cnoc Rafann, Knockgraffon, 2 miles north of Caher, Co. Tipperary (ML. pp. 152-153 (188-189), note a) (Cor. p. 7(25)) (Onom. ‘c. rafann’), §§9, 120, 121, 124

*Coill Medóin, possibly Kilmaine, near Birr, barony of Ballybritt (Map), Co. Offaly (Onom. ‘c. medóin’), §27

Colaem, (Onom. ‘colaem’), §68

Colltanan, a great forest in central Munster (Onom. ‘colltanan’), §115

*Comar Cluana hIraird, Cummer near Clonard, a village and parish, in the barony of Moyfenrath Upper (Map), Co. Meath (FM. ii p. 727, note x) (Onom. ‘c. cluana hiraird’), §23

Comar na Cuan = Comar Cluana hIraird, (Onom. ‘c. na cuan’), §§23, 24, 37

Connachta, Connaught, (Onom. ‘connachta’), §37

Corchaille Meic Con = Fir Maige, (Onom. ‘corchaille meic con’), §66

Corco Duibne, (Corco Duibne), (Map — Corca Duibne), now the barony of Corkaguiny (Map), Co. Kerry (FM. ii p. 569, note h) (Onom. ‘c. duibne’), §65

Corco Muichit, in Ui Conaill (Onom. ‘c. muichit’), §68

Crecraidhi = Crecraigi, (Onom. ‘crecraigi’), §§56, 68, 71

Crích Cairiche = Muscrige Fhega, (Onom. ‘c. cairiche’), §65

Crích Eoganachta, (Eóghanachta), (Map – Eóganacht Locha Léin), in Corco Duibhne in Ciarraige (Onom. ‘c. eoganachta’), §65

Crích Formaeil na bhFian = Formáel, (Onom. ‘C. Formaeil na bhFian’), §§30, 31

Crích Fossaigh moir, Ui Buirigh was in it; adjoining Úi Maic Caille and Ui Tassaig (Onom. ‘c. fossaigh moir’), §68

Crundmagh = Mag Gabra, (Onom. ‘crundmagh’), §30

Cuan Comair = Comar na Cuan, (Onom. ‘c. na cuan’), §24

Cúl Emni, (Onom. ‘c. emni’), §72

Cúl Feaga Formaeile = Cúl Feda Formaeile, in Sliab Eiblinne (Onom. ‘c. feda’, ‘c. f. formaeile’ ), §§35, 37

*Dairbri, Valentia Island, Co. Kerry (FM. iv p. 1220 (574), note b) (Onom. ‘dairbri’), §§58, 62

Dairine, a branch of the Érainn of Munster claiming descent from Dáire Doimthech; equated with the Corca Laigde (Mis. p.141) (Onom. ‘dairine’), §§14, 56, 64

Dergtine = Dergthene, inhabitants of Munster (Onom. ‘dergtine’, ‘dergthene’), §§14, 56, 64, 73

Dési (Muman), (Déisi Mumhan), (Map – Déisi Mumhan), Co. Waterford and south Co. Tipperary (Onom. ‘dési muman’), §§56, 68, 71

*Druim n-Assail, Toryhill (Cnoc Droma Asail), in the parish of Croom, barony of Pubblebrien (Map), Co. Limerick (Onom. ‘d. n-assail’, ‘c. droma asail’), §116

*Druim Damgaire, Knocklong (Cnoc Luinge), barony of Coshlea (Map), Co Limerick (Mm. p. 271 (303)) (Onom. ‘d. damgaire’, ‘cnoc luinge’), §§38, 78, 103, etc.

*Druim Dil, in Dési (Muman); Drumdeel, a townland near Clonmel, barony of Middlethird (Map), Co. Tipperary (Onom. ‘d. dil’), §§56, 68

Druim Eogabail, near Aine Cliach = Cnoc Áine (?); Eogabul, the father of Áine, was king of the fairy mound of Cnoc Áine (Onom. ‘d. eogabail’), §115

Druim Meadhóin Mairtine = Imblech Ibair, (Onom. ‘d. meadhóin mairtine’), §§36, 37

Druim mic Criadhnaidhi, (Onom. ‘d. mic criadhnaidhi’), §78

Dubchoill = Fid Dammaiche, (Onom. ‘d. choill’), §30

Dubhcaire, (Onom. ‘dubh caire’), §102

Dubhglenn = Glenn Salach, (Onom. ‘d. glenn’), §30

*Dún Cuirc, a bardic name for Bruree, in the barony of Connello Upper (Map), Co. Limerick (Tp. p. lxxvi (290), note 676) (Onom. ‘d. cuirc’), §14

Dún Dailche Finnlethet, (Onom. ‘d. dailche finnlethet’), §69

Ealla, (Aes Ealla), (Map — Aes Ealla), the barony of Duhallow (Map), Co. Cork (FM. vii p. 55) (Onom. ‘ealla’), §65

Eoraip, Europe (Onom. ‘eoraip’), §113

Ériu, Ireland (Onom. ‘ériu’), §§1, 5, 7, etc.

*Ess Mage, Caherass (Cathair Essa Maige) on the River Maigue, halfway between Adare and Croom, Co. Limerick (Mm. p. 486 (519), note 46) (Onom. ‘ess mage’, ‘c. essa’), §115

Fid Dammaiche, (Onom. ‘fid dammaiche’), §30

Fid in Uird, in Orbraidi (Onom. ‘f. in uird’), §68

i Finnibh, §3

Fir Maige (Feine) = Fir Féne, (Fir Maige Féne), now the baronies of Fermoy and Condons and Clangibbon (Map), Co. Cork (Tp. pp. lxiii-lxiv  (286-287), note 544) (Onom. ‘fir maige’, ‘f. maige feine’, ‘f. féne’), §§66, 67

Formáel, in Sliab Eiblinne (Onom. ‘formáel’), §§37, 121

Fódla, Ireland (Onom. ‘fódla’), §39

(An) Ghiusach, a great forest in central Munster (Onom. ‘giusach’), §§68, 115

Glenn mBebtach, a great wood in central Munster, (Onom. ‘g. mbebtach’), §115

*Glenn Bridhdi, near Carn Tighearna mic Deghaid; possibly the valley of the River Bride, in Co. Cork and Co. Waterford (Onom. ‘glenn bridhdi’), §68, 69, 70

Glenn Cusaigi Croilinnche, (Onom. ‘g. cusaigi croilinnche’), §69

*Glenn Righ Righe = Glenn Rige, the valley of the Newry River, Co. Down (FM. iii p. 40) (Onom. ‘g. rige’), §121

Glenn Salach, in Crích Formaeil na bhFian (Onom. ‘g. salach’), §30

*Glinn Bethbhe, in Corco Duibne; Glenbeigh, in the barony of Iveragh (Map), Co. Kerry (Onom. ‘glinn bethbhe’), §65

Gluair Fermuighi Féne, (Onom. ‘gluair fermuighi féne’), §69

*Imblech Ibair, Emly, a town and parish in the barony of Clanwilliam (Map), Co. Tipperary (Ls. v p. 113 (136)) (Onom. ‘i. ibair’), §36

Inad pupla Fiachach, at Sliab Fúait (Onom. ‘i. pupla fiachach’), §119

*Indeóin (na nDeisi), Mullaghnoney (Mullach Inneona), a townland in the parish of Newchapel, barony of Iffa and Offa East (Map), Co. Tipperary (Lct. pp. 92-93, note y) (Onom. ‘indeóin’, ‘indeoin na ndeisi’), §68

Inis Dairbrech = Dairbri, (Onom. ‘i. dairbrech’), §57

Laigin, Leinster (Onom. ‘laigin’), §§3, 20, 23

Leca Raidne, in Mag Raidne (Onom. ‘l. raidne’), §§119, 121

Lecc Failmir, (Onom. ‘l. failmir’), §69

Lecc Uidhir, (Onom. ‘l. uidhir’), §69

Leth Cuinn, (Map – Leath Cuinn), the Northern half of Ireland (Fia. p. 34 (47), note g) (Onom. ‘leth cuinn’), §§8, 54, 56, etc.

Leth Moga, (Map – Leath Mogha), the Southern half of Ireland (Mr. p. 124, note v) (Onom. ‘l. moga’), §§37, 104, 121

Liatruim = Temair, (Fy. p. 29, note c) (Onom. ‘liatruim’), §§24, 121

*Loch Gabhair, a lake (now dried up) and two townlands, Lagore Big, and Lagore Little, in the parish and barony of Ratoath (Map), Co. Meath (FM. i, p. 40, note u) (Onom. ‘l. gabhair’), §122

Long Clíach = Druim Damgaire, (Onom. ‘l. clíach’), §§40, 103

Mag Gabra, (Onom. ‘m. gabra’), §30

Mag Lethaird = Mag Tuaiscirt, (Onom. ‘m. lethaird’), §30

*Mag Mucruma, (Map – Magh Mucroimhe), the plain South-West of Athenry, Co. Galway (FM. i p. 108, note a) (Onom. ‘m. mucruma’), §§1, 7

*Mag Ratha = Mag Rath, Moira, a town and parish in the barony of Iveagh Lower (Map), Co. Down (FM. i p. 253, note m) (Onom. ‘m. ratha’, ‘m. rath’), §28

*Mag Riadne = Mag Raigne = Mag Roigni = Mag Rogen, in Urmuma; a plain containing Killinny townland, barony of Kells (Map), Co. Kilkenny (FM. i p. 494, note t) (FM. ii p. 1192, note on FM. i p. 494, note t) (Onom. ‘m. riadne’, ‘m. raigne’, ‘m. roigni’, ‘m. rogen’), §30, 121

*Mag Slecht, a plain containing Ballymagauran townland, barony of Tullyhaw (Map), Co. Cavan (FM. i p. 43, note a) (Onom. ‘m. slecht’), §31

Mag Tuaiscirt, (Onom. ‘m. tuaiscirt’), §30

Mag n-Uachtair = Mag Riadne, (Onom. ‘m. n-uachtair’), §§30, 119

*Máig, the River Maigue which flows by Bruree, Co. Limerick (FM. vi p. 2278, note i) (Onom. ‘máig’), §115

Mairtine (Muman), an ancient tribe, located in the baronies of Coshlea and Small County (Map), Co. Limerick and the barony of Clanwilliam (Map), Co. Tipperary (Ods. p. 675 (690)) (Onom. ‘mairtine’), §§36, 65, 73, 103

Medón Mairtine = Imblech Ibair, (Onom. ‘medón mairtine’), §§36, 37

Mide, (Mide) (Map – Mide), Mide is nearly coextensive with the diocese of Meath (Map), which includes the greater part of Co.’s Meath, Westmeath and Offaly (Au. ii p. 133) (Onom. ‘mide’), §27

Mucfhalac mhuc Daire Cerbe = Imblech Ibair, (Onom. ‘mucfhalach mhuc daire cerbe’), §36

Muma, Munster (Onom. ‘muma’), §§1, 7, 8, etc.

Múr Tea = Temair, (FM. i pp. 30-31, note h) (Onom. ‘múr tea’), §35

Muscrige Fhega = Muscrige Fhedha, (Onom. ‘m. fhega’, ‘m. fhedha’), §65

Orbraidi = Orbrige, (Orbraige), (Map — Orbraige), Orrery, part of the barony of Orrery and Kilmore (Map) in Co. Cork (Lct. p. 64, note t) (Onom. ‘orbraidi’, ‘orbrige’), §68

Órd, see Fid in Uird; a seat of the king of Caiseal in Munster (Lct. pp. 87-89) (Lct. p. 93, note a) (Onom. ‘órd’), §68

Raithin in Imairic, possibly Raheen, between Knocklong and Duntryleague, barony of Coshlea (Map), Co. Limerick (Onom. ‘raithin in imairic’), §§45, 84, 85, etc.

Riadne, see Mag Riadne, §121

*Rosach na Ríg = Rosach na Rigraide, Rossa, in the townland of Rossaghroe, North of Doneraile, in the barony of Fermoy (Map), Co. Cork (Onom. ‘rosach na ríg’, ‘rosach na rigraide’), §66

Ros Cnó, a great wood in central Munster (Onom. ‘r. cnó’), §115

Ruba Rátha Ronan, (Onom. ‘ruba rátha ronan’), §104

Seich na Sogh = Seith na Sogh, (Onom. ‘seith na sogh’), §104

Síd Buirrche, in Laigin (Onom. ‘s. buirrche’), §20

Síd Cairn Brecnatan, (Onom. ‘s. cairn brecnatan’), §§56, 106, 108

Síd Cleitigh, see Cleiteach (Onom. ‘s. cleitigh’), §§18, 21, 39, 44

Síd Locha Gabur, see Loch Gabhair (Onom. ‘s. locha gabur’), §122

*Sinand, the Shannon River (FM. i p. 355, A.D. 751) (Onom. ‘sinand’), §116

*Siúr, the River Suir (FM. i p. 37, note m) (Onom. ‘siúr’), §124

Sliab Cind Claire = Sliab Cláire = Claire (Onom. ‘s. cind claire’, ‘s. cláire’), §58

*Sliab Eiblinne, Slieve Felim Mountains in the North of Co. Limerick (ML. p. 24 (60), note k) (Onom. ‘s. eiblinne’), §30

*Sliab Fúait, Sliabh Fuaid, the highest mountain in the Fews, a mountain range near Newtownhamilton, in the barony of Fews Upper (Map), in Co. Armagh (FM. i p. 26, note g) (Onom. ‘s. fúait’), §119

*Sliab Mis, Slieve Mish Mountains, barony of Trughanacmy (Map), Co. Kerry (FM. i p. 25, note b) (FM. v p. 1731, note d) (Onom. ‘s. mis’), §63

Slige mór Midhuallaigh = Slige Midlúachra (?), (Map –  Slighe Miodhluachra), the road from Tara to Emain Macha (Navan Fort near Armagh) (Rc. xliv p. 175) (FM. i p. 104, note n) (Onom. ‘s. midlúachra’), §121

Sruthanma na Tuadcaille = Glenn Bridhdi, (Onom. ‘s. anma na tuadcaille’), §68

Sruth na nOithin (?), §68

Tailach Aedha, (Onom. ‘tailach aedha’), §69

Tech Forannáin Finn = Cenn Abrat (Onom. ‘t. forannáin finn’), §§65, 70

*Temair, Tara (Map – Teamhair), Co. Meath (FM. i pp. 30-31, note h) (Onom. ‘temair’), §§3, 4, 5, etc.

*(Tobar Cinn Móir), Tobar Cinn Mhóir, in the townland of Ballinvreena, parish of Ballingarry, barony of Coshlea (Map), Co. Limerick (Mm p. 272 (304)) (Ods. p. 714 (729)) (Onom. ‘t. cinn móir’), §73

*Tráig Lí, Tralee, barony of Trughanacmy (Map), Co. Kerry (Onom. ‘t. lí’), §39

Ui Buirigh, in Crích Fossaigh moir, on the border of Úi maic Caille and Ui Tassaig (Onom. ‘ui buirigh’), §68

Ui Conaill, (Uí Chonaill Gabra), baronies of Connello Upper and Connello Lower (Map), Co. Limerick (Tp. p. lxxv (289), note 664) (Onom. ‘ui conaill’), §68

Úi Maic Caille, (Uí Maic Caille) (Map — Uí Maic Caille) the barony of Imokilly (Map), Co. Cork (Tp. p. lxiv (278), note 551) (Onom. ‘úi maic caille’), §68

Ui Tassaig, adjoined Úi Maic Caille (Onom. ‘ui tassaig’), §68

Ulaid, Ulster (Onom. ‘ulaid’), §106

Urmuma, East Munster or Ormond extended from Gowran, barony of Gowran (Map), Co. Kilkenny to Cleachoill, near the town of Tipperary, barony of Clanwilliam (Map) and from Devilsbit Mountain, Co. Tipperary, to Bunmahon, barony of Decies-without-Drum (Map), Co. Waterford, (Fy. p. 73) (Onom. ‘urmuma’), §118

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