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Echtra Cormaic i Tír Tairngirí

Place and tribal names

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(Onom. = Onomasticon Goedelicum)
(FM. = Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland by the Four Masters, ed. O’Donovan)
(Rc. = Revue Celtique)

Laigin, Leinster (Onom. ‘laigin’), §7

Múr Tea, Tea’s Rampart, between Cormac’s House (Teach Chormaic) and the High-seat (Forradh) in the King’s Fort (Rath na Riogh) (Map – Rath na Riogh) at the hill of Tara (Rc. xv p. 285) (FM. i pp. 30-31, note h) (Onom. ‘múr tea’), §1

Temair, Tara (Map – Teamhair), Co. Meath (FM. i pp. 30-31, note h) (Onom. ‘temair’), §§1, 3, 5, etc.

TírTairrnghiri, ‘Land of Promise’ (Onom. ‘t. tairrnghiri’), §§24, 29