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Buile Shuibhne

Place and tribal names

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(Onom. = Onomasticon Goedelicum)
(FM. = Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland by the Four Masters, ed. O’Donovan)
(Fy. = The Genealogies, Tribes and Customs of Hy-Fiachrach, ed. O’Donovan)
(Tp. = Topographical Poems, ed. O’Donovan)
(Lct. = Leabhar na gCeart, ed. O’Donovan)
(Mis. = Miscellany of the Celtic Society, ed. O’Donovan)
(Ls. = Ancient Laws of Ireland, ed. O’Donovan/O’Curry)
(ML. = Cath Mhuighe Léana, ed. O’Curry)
(Ra. = Reeves’ Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Down, Connor and Dromore)
(F. =  Féilire Óengusso, ed. Stokes)
(Fg. = Félire hÚi Gormáin, ed. Stokes)
(Au. = Annals of Ulster, ed. Hennessy/MacCarthy)
(Pgi. = Parliamentary Gazeteer of Ireland)

Airgetros, ‘Silverwood’, on the River Nore in the parish of Rathbeagh, barony of Galmoy (Map), Co. Kilkenny (FM. i p. 51, note g) (Onom. ‘airgetros’), §51

Alba, Scotland (Onom. ‘alba’), §§15, 32, 45

Alt Fharannáin, Alternan, in the parish of Easky, barony of Tirereagh (Map), Co. Sligo (Fy. pp. 258-259, note f) (Onom. ‘alt fharannáin’), §§72, 73

Árd Abla, Lissardowlan, in the parish of Templemichael, barony of Ardagh (Map), Co. Longford (FM. i p. 393, note q) (Onom. ‘árd abla’), §32

Bairche, the old name for the barony of Mourne (Map), Co. Down (Au. i p. 217, note 14) (Onom. ‘bairche’), §§21, 32, 40, etc.

Bairenn, the barony of Burren (Map), Co. Clare (Onom. ‘bairenn’), §40

Banna, the River Bann (FM. i p. 326, note m) (Onom. ‘banna’), §§22, 23

Benna Bairche, the Mourne Mountains, Co. Down (FM. iv p. 1204 (558), note j) (Onom. ‘benna bairche’), §§57, 58, 59, etc.

Benna Brain, not identified, §67

Benna Broc, not identified, §40

Benn Bogaine, Binbane in the parish of Inver, near Port, barony of Banagh (Map), Co. Donegal (Pgi. i p. 253 (438)) ((Onom. ‘b. bogaine’), §§41, 45

Benn Boirne, not identified, §45

Benn Foibne, Benyevenagh Mountain, to the East of Lough Foyle, in the townland of Ballycarton, barony of Keenacht (Map), Co. Derry (FM. iii p. 84, note x) (Ra. pp. 251-252, note v) (Onom. ‘b. foibne’), §§41, 75

Benn Gulban, Benbulbin, parish of Drumcliff, barony of Carbury (Map), Co. Sligo (FM. iii p. 493, note o) (Onom. ‘b. gulban’), §40

Benn Iughoine, not identified, §45

Berba, the River Barrow (FM. i p. 14, note l) (Onom. ‘berba’), §45

Bile Tiobradain, in Crích Gháille in the East of Connaught , not identified, §59

Bóraime, Balbaru Fort, an earthen fort on the west bank of the River Shannon, 1 mile North of Killaloe, in the townland of Ballyvally, barony of Tulla Lower (Map), Co. Clare (FM. i p. 526, note l) (Onom. ‘bóraime’), §45

Bretain, the Britons (Onom. ‘bretain’), §46

Búas, Bush River, Co. Antrim (FM. i p. 91, note d) (Ra. p. 77, note o) (Onom. ‘búas’), §47

Carn Cornáin, seems near Lough Neagh (F. p. 55 (114)) (Onom. ‘c. cornáin’), §40

Carn Lifi Luirc, not identified, §40

Carraig Alastair, Ailsa Craig, an island in the outer Firth of Clyde, Scotland, §§44, 45, 46

Cell Cua, not identified, §21

Cell Dairbhile, ‘St. Dervilla’s church’, now Kildervila, or Termondervila in the south of the parish of Kilmore, in the West of the barony of Erris (Map), Co. Mayo (FM. iii p. 331, note g) (Onom. ‘c. dairbhile’), §§24, 25

Cell Lainne, in Dál n-Araidhe; may be identical with Lann Rónáin Finn (see St. Rónán Finn below), now Magheralin (Machaire Lainne) 1½ miles South West of Moira (Mag Rath), Co. Down (Ra. p. 313, note o, p. 378, note x) (Onom. ‘l. rónáin’), §§3, 6

Cell Lughaidhe, not identified, §40

Cell Riadain, in Tír Conaill; Kilrean, in the parish of Killybegs Lower, barony of Boylagh (Map), Co. Donegal (Onom. ‘c. riadain’), §15

Cell Uí Súanaigh, not identified, §32

Cenél Ainmire, in Armagh or adjoining regions (?) (FM. i p. 353, A.D. 749) (Ra. p. 340, note f) (Onom. ‘c. ainmire’), §31

Cenél n-Eoghain = Tír Eogain, (Cenél Eóghain) (Map – Cenél Eóghain), descendants of Eoghan, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages; Cenél n-Eoghain comprised the counties of Tyrone (Tír Eogain) and Derry and the baronies of Inishowen and Raphoe (Map) (FM. iii p. 7, note r) (Onom. ‘c. n-eoghain’, ‘t. eogain’), §45

Cenn Tire, Kintyre, Scotland (FM. i p. 244, note c) (Onom. ‘c. tire’), §21

Cianachta, (Ciannachta of Glenn Geimin), (Map – Ciannachta), the Ciannachta of Gleann Geimhin occupied the area of Glengiven near Dungiven (Dún Geimhin), barony of Keenacht (Map), Co. Derry (FM. vi p. 1930, note i) (Onom. ‘cianachta’, ‘c. glinne gaimen’), §§3, 6

Cluain Boirend, Cloonburren in the parish of Moore, barony of Moycarn (Map), Co. Roscommon (FM. i p. 209, note w) (Onom. ‘c. boirend’), §22

Cluain Cilli, on the border of Tír Conaill and Tír Bogaine, not identified, §§20, 21

Cluain Creamha, in Dál n-Araidhe; not identified, §35

Conachail, Cunghill, a townland in the parish of Achonry, barony of Leyny (Map), Co. Sligo (FM. ii p. 928, note g) (Onom. ‘conachail’), §40

Connachta, Connaught (Onom. ‘connachta’), §§59, 70, 72, etc.

Crích Gháille, in the East of Connaught, not identified, §59

Crotta Clíach, Galty mountains, Co. Tipperary and Co. Limerick (Tp. p. lxxxiii (297), note 753) (Onom. ‘crotta clíach’), §40

Cruachan Aigle, Croaghpatrick Mountain, near Westport, Co. Mayo (Au. ii pp. 86-87, note 1) (Onom. ‘c. aigle’), §§21, 45, 61

Cuailnge, Cooley, Co. Louth (Ls. i p. 46 (107), note 1) (Onom. ‘cuailnge’), §§21, 27, 40

Dairbri, not identified (Onom. ‘dairbri’), §43

Daire Choluim Chille, Derry, Co. Derry (FM. i pp. 178-179, note s) (Onom. ‘d. choluim chille’), §23

Dál n-Araide, (Dál n-Araidhe), (Map – Dál nAraide), south Co. Antrim and north Co. Down (Ra. pp. 334-348) (Onom. ‘d. n-araide’), §§1, 3, 13, etc.

Druim Cirb, not identified, §27

Druim Daimh, not identified (Onom. ‘d. daimh’), §25

Druim Fraoch, not identified, §25

Druim Gess, not identified, §73

Druim Iarainn, in Connachta; not identified, §§70, 71

Druim Lorgan, not identified, §51

Dún Cermna, on the Old Head of Kinsale, Co. Cork (FM. i p. 44, note e) (Onom. ‘d. cermna’), §45

Dún Máil, not identified, §40

Dún Rodairce, not identified, §45

Dún Sobairche, Dunseverick, Co. Antrim (Ra. pp. 286-287) (FM. i p. 44, note d) (Onom. ‘d. sobairche’), §§41, 45, 67

Ealla, the barony of Duhallow (Map), Co. Cork (FM. vii p. 55) (Onom. ‘ealla’), §40

Echtge, see Sliabh Echtgi, §61

Eig, the island of Eigg off the West coast of Scotland, §44

Es Dubthaig, not identified (Onom. ‘es dubthaig’), §50

Es Ruaid, the falls of Assaroe on the River Erne at Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal (Fy. p. 76 (95), note c) (Onom. ‘es ruaid’), §77

Etan Tairb, Edenterriff, in the parish of Annagh, barony of Tullygarvey (Map), Co. Cavan (Onom. ‘etan tairb’), §31

Fid Gaible, Figile River, the name of a wood, then of the river that flows through it, in the parish of Clonsast, barony of Coolestown (Map), Co. Offaly (FM. ii p. 1064, note g) (Onom. ‘f. gaible’, ‘gabal’), §§39, 41, 68, etc.

Gabal, see Fid Gaible, §68

Gáille, see Crích Gháille, also Glais Gháille, §61

Glais Chille Cró, not identified, §75

Glais Gháille, not identified, §61

Glanamhrach, not identified, §58

Glenn Aichle, Glenelly, a valley and river near Strabane, in the barony of Strabane Lower (Map), Co. Tyrone (FM. i p. 488, note u) (Onom. ‘g. aichle’), §40

Glenn Bolcáin, James G. O’Keeffe, following Reeves, suggests that Glenn Bolcáin is near Rasharkin (Ros Ercáin); there is a ridge called Dunbolcain (or Drumbolcan) about a furlong North East of Rasharkin Church (Ra. p. 90, note o); Gearóid S. Mac Eoin suggests that Gleann Bolcáin is the same as Gleann na nGealt, in the townland of Glannagalt, parish of Kilgobban, barony of Corkaguiny (Map), Co. Kerry (Onom. ‘g. mbolcáin’), §§17, 19, 20, etc.

Glenn Chíach, see Glenn Bolcáin, §31

Glenn Ercáin, possibly near Rasharkin (Ros Ercáin), a townland and parish in the barony of Kilconway (Map), Co. Antrim (Onom. ‘ros ercáin’), §§12, 13

Glenn na nEachtach, in Fid Gaible; not identified, §39

Íle, Islay, in Scotland (FM. i p. 204, note a) (Onom. ‘íle’), §21

Imblech Ibair, Emly, a town and parish in the barony of Clanwilliam (Map), Co. Tipperary (Ls. v p. 113 (136)) (Onom. ‘i. ibair’), §43

Inis Bó Finne, Inishboffin, an island in the barony of Ballynahinch (Map), Co. Galway (Fy. p. 491) (Onom. ‘i. bó finne’), §77

Inis Muridaig, Inishmurray, an island in the barony of Carbury (Map), Co. Sligo (Fy. p. 492) (Onom. ‘i. muridaig’), §44

Laigin, Leinster (Map) (Onom. ‘laigin’), §58

Látharna, (Map – Latharna), the district about Larne, Co. Antrim (Ra. p. 54, note k, pp. 264-265) (FM. i p. 8, note b) (Onom. ‘látharna’), §40

Lethed Láin, not identified, §40

Life, the River Liffey (FM. i pp. 454-455, note y) (Onom. ‘life’), §61

Líne, see Mag Line, §40

Loch Cúan, Strangford Lough (FM. i p. 7, note w) (Onom. ‘l. cúan’), §45

Loch Diolair, possibly near Druim Dilair at Belleek, Co. Fermanagh (Onom. ‘d. dilair’), §23

Loch Eirni, Lough Erne, Co. Fermanagh (FM. i p. 47, note x) (Onom. ‘l. eirni’), §45

Loch Léin, Lough Leane (the Lakes of Killarney), Co. Kerry (FM. v p. 1779, note c) (Onom. ‘l. léin’), §40

Loch Rí, Lough Ree on the River Shannon (FM. i p. 344, note m) (Onom. ‘l. rí’), §59

Luachair Dedad, Sliabh Luachra, near Castleisland, Co. Kerry (FM. v p. 1720, note a) (Onom. ‘l. dedad’), §§68, 69

Maenmag, now Moinmoy, a territory lying around Loughrea, Co. Galway (FM. i p. 28, note y) (Onom. ‘m. mag’), §59

Mag Aíi, the Maghery, between Roscommon and Elphin, barony of Roscommon (Map), Co. Roscommon (FM. iii p. 87-88, note h) (Onom. ‘m. aíi’, ‘ai’), §§51, 61

Mag Coba, (Uí Eathach Cobha) (Map – Uí Echach Coba), Cobha or Uí Echach Cobha was an ancient territory which formed a considerable part of Uí Echach Uladh, now the baronies of Upper and Lower Iveagh (Map), Co. Down (Ra. p. 111, note m, pp. 349-350) (Onom. ‘m. coba’, ‘ui e. ulad’), §40

Mag Fáil, Ireland (Onom. ‘m. fáil’), §32

Mag Fea, a plain in the barony of Forth (Map), Co. Carlow (FM. i p. 5, note l) (Onom. ‘m. fea’), §51

Mag Feimin, (Mag Femin), a plain South of Cashel, comprising the barony of Iffa and Offa East (Map), Co. Tipperary (Tp. p. lxi (275), note 514) (Onom. ‘mag feimin’, ‘mag femin’, ‘femen’), §§51, 59

Mag Li, (Fir Lí) (Map – Fir Lí), a territory on the West of the River Bann, in the modern barony of Coleraine (Map), Co. Derry (Ra. pp. 295-296, note g, p. 330, note a) (Onom. ‘m. lí’), §§51, 61

Mag Line = Líne, Moylinny, a plain extending from Lough Neagh to near Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim; probably co-extensive with the deanery of Moylinny; the townland Moylinny, in the parish of Antrim, Co. Antrim, preserves the name of this plain (Mis. p. 351, note o) (Ra. pp. 62-63) (Onom. ‘m. line’, ‘líne’), §§51, 61

Mag Liphi, a plain near the River Liffey in Leinster (FM. i pp. 454-455, note y) (Onom. ‘m. liphi’), §51

Mag Luirc, Moylurg, south of the Boyle River, in the barony of Boyle (Map), Co. Roscommon (FM. i p. 10, note n) (Onom. ‘m. luirc’), §§51, 61

Mag Mairge, possibly in Maircc Lagen, whose name is preserved in the barony of Slievemargy (Map) (FM. i p. 209, note t), Co. Laois (Onom. ‘maircc lagen’), §51

Mag Rath, Moira, a town and parish in the barony of Iveagh Lower (Map), Co. Down (FM. i p. 253, note m) (Onom. ‘m. rath’), §§4, 6, 7, etc.

Mide, (Map – Mide), Mide is nearly coextensive with the diocese of Meath (Map), which includes the greater part of Co.’s Meath, Westmeath and Offaly (Onom. ‘mide’), §§45, 51

Muirthemne (Map – Conaille Muirthemne), an ancient plain which extended from Drogheda, in Co. Meath, to Dundalk and Carlingford, in Co. Louth (FM. i p. 10, note u) (Onom. ‘muirthemne’), §51

Orbrige, Orrery, part of the barony of Orrery and Kilmore (Map) in Co. Cork (Lct. p. 64, note t) (Onom. ‘orbrige’), §40

Ossairge, (Osraighe), (Map – Osraighe), co-extensive with the diocese of Ossory (Map) (FM. iii pp. 20-21, note j) (Onom. ‘ossairge’), §45

Ráith Mór, Rathmore, in Mag Line, about 2 miles North East of the town of Antrim, in the parish of Donegore, barony of Antrim Upper (Map), Co. Antrim (FM. i p. 288, note d) (Ra. p. 69, note s, pp. 278-281) (Onom. ‘r. mór’), §61

Ráith Murbuilcc, Maghera, Co. Down (Ra. p. 27, note c, p. 154) or Murlough Bay, Co. Antrim (FM. i p. 27, note o) (Onom. ‘r. murbuilcc’, ‘murbolc’), §41

Roim, Rome (Onom. ‘roim’), §75

Ros Bearaigh, in Glenn Ercáin; not identified, §§12, 14, 33, etc.

Ros Comáin, Roscommon, Co. Roscommon (Onom. ‘r. comáin’), §§42, 44

Ros Ercach, not identified, §21

Ros Ercáin, Rasharkin, a village and parish in the barony of Kilconway (Map), Co. Antrim (Ra. p. 90, note a) (FM. iv p. 1236 (590), note m) (Onom. ‘ros ercáin’), §§21, 35

Roth (Rath), see Mag Rath, §75

Semne, Island Magee, a parish in the barony of Belfast Lower (Map), Co. Antrim (Ra. p. 270) (Onom. ‘semne’), §40

Sgirig Chinn Ghlinne, possibly Skerrig, in the parish of Drumgoon, barony of Tullygarvey (Map), Co. Cavan, §31

Síl Eóghain, see Cenél Eóghain, §10

Sinand, the River Shannon (FM. i p. 355, A.D. 751) (Onom. ‘sinand’), §§22, 45, 59

Siodhmhuine Glinne, not identified, §23

Sliab Bladma, Slieve Bloom Mountains, Co. Tipperary (FM. i p. 461, note g) (Onom. ‘s. bladma’), §44

Sliab Breg, appears to have included all the hilly part of Co. Louth (FM. vi p. 1922, note o) (Onom. ‘s. breg’), §61

Sliab Cúa, Knockmealdown Mountains, Co. Waterford (FM. i p. 48, note l) (Onom. ‘s. cúa’), §61

Sliab Cuilind, Slieve Gullion, Co. Armagh (FM. i p. 168, note p) (Onom. ‘s. cuilind’), §21

Sliab Echtgi, Slieve Aughty Mountains, on the borders of Co. Galway and Co. Clare (FM. vi p. 2004, note w) (Onom. ‘s. echtgi’), §§44, 59

Sliab Eiblinne, Slieve Felim Mountains in the North of Co. Limerick (ML. p. 24 (60), note k) (Onom. ‘s. eiblinne’), §40

Sliab Eidhnech, not identified, §§66, 67

Sliab Fúait, Sliabh Fuaid, the highest mountain in the Fews, a mountain range near Newtownhamilton, in Co. Armagh (FM. i p. 26, note g) (Onom. ‘s. fúait’), §§31, 40, 61, etc.

Sliab Liag, Slieve League, Co. Donegal (Fg. p. 324) (Onom. ‘s. liag’), §27

Sliab Mic Sín, not identified (Onom. ‘s. mic sín’), §61

Sliab Mis, Slemish Mountain, in the parish of Racavan, barony of Antrim Lower, Co. Antrim (Ra. p. 335. note i) (Onom. ‘s. mis’), §§21, 44, 77

Sliab na nEach, not identified, §36

Sliab Niadh, not identified, §40

Sliab Uillinne, not identified, §40

Snám Én, Swim Two Birds, on the River Shannon, between Clonmacnoise, Co. Offaly and Cloonburren, Co. Roscommon (FM. i p. 209, note w) (Onom. ‘s. dá én’), §22

Suca, the River Suck, in Co. Mayo, Co. Roscommon and Co. Galway (FM. i p. 355, A.D. 751) (Onom. ‘suca’), §59

Tailtiu, Teltown, a hill, townland and parish in the barony of Kells Upper (Map) in Co. Meath (FM. i p. 25, note d) (Onom. ‘tailtiu’), §45

Tech Duinn, one of the three islands called the Bull Island, the Cow Island, the Calf Island, off Dursey Island, in the barony of Bear (Map), Co. Cork (Lct. p. 51, note o) (Onom. ‘t. duinn’), §67

Tech Mic Ninnedha, in Dál n-Araidhe; not identified, §35

Tech Moling, St. Mullin’s, a townland, parish and (double) barony (Map), Co. Carlow (FM. ii p. 590, note h)  (Onom. ‘t. moling’), §§40, 74, 77

Tír Bogaine = Cenél mBógaine, (Cenél mBógaine), (Map – Cenél mBogaine), now the barony of Banagh (Map), Co. Donegal (Tp. p. xxx (244), note 199) (Onom. ‘t. bogaine’, ‘t. bógaini’, ‘c. mbógaine’), §20

Tír Conaill = Cenél Conaill, Tyrconnell, (Cenél Conaill), (Map – Cenél Conaill), descendants of Conall Gulban, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages; Cenél Conaill comprised Co. Donegal, except for the baronies of Inishowen and Raphoe (Map), which belonged to Cenél n-Eoghain (FM. iii p. 7, note t) (Onom. ‘t. conaill’, ‘cenel conaill’, ‘c. conaill’), §§15, 20

Tír Fiachrach Mhuaidhe, the barony of Tirereagh (Map), Co. Sligo (Fy, pp. 2-3 (24-25), note c) (Onom. ‘t. fiachrach mhuaidhe’),§72

Tiupra na Gealta, not identified, §§84, 85

Toidiu, the watercourse in Moling’s monastery at Tech Moling (F. p. 153 (212) (The Birth of Moling and his Life, pp. 54-55 (58-59), p. 68 (72)) (Onom. ‘toidiu’), §40

Tráigh Ruire, not identified, §67

Tuag Inbir, the estuary of the River Bann, Co. Derry (FM. ii p. 572, note m) (Onom. ‘t. inbir’), §32

Uí Faeláin, (Uí Fáeláin), (Map – Uí Fáeláin), in North Co. Kildare (Lct. pp. 205-207, note a) (Onom. ‘úi faeláin’), §§8, 39, 55

Úi Ninnedha, in Dál n-Araidhe; not identified, §13

Ulaid, Ulster (Onom. ‘ulaid’), §§45, 51, 56, etc.

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