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Aislinge Óenguso

Online sources

Manuscript sources and printed editions
See aislinge oenguso in MsOmit 2017
See aislinge óenguso in Scéla
See aislinge óenguso in CODECS
See Background details and bibliographic information at CELT

Digital Image of manuscript
This saga appears in the manuscript MS Egerton 1782 in the British Library London, f. 70r - 71v. Irish text at TLH

The title of this saga appears in a list of remscéla to Táin Bó Cuailnge in the manuscript MS 1339 (The Book of Leinster) in Trinity College Dublin, on p. 245b. The title is given as ‘de aslingi in M(ai)c Óic’. A digital image of this manuscript is available at: Irish Script on Screen

The title of this saga appears in a similar list ‘Do Remscelaibh na Tana’ in the manuscript MS D iv 2 in the Royal Irish Academy, on fol. 47 (49)v, column b. The title appears twice on the list: ‘Do aislingthi Ængh(us)a mh(ei)c in Dagh(dh)a’ and ‘Don tseirc ro-char Mac in Oicc Chaire Heabarbaithi’. A digital image of this manuscript is available at: Irish Script on Screen

For the text of these lists, see:
Rudolf Thurneysen, Die irische Helden- und Königsage, Teil I und II, (Halle: Verlag von Max Niemeyer, 1921), pp. 248-249.
Digital Edition at (pp. 248-249)

Medieval Irish text
Francis Shaw (ed.), The dream of Óengus: Aislinge Óenguso, (Dublin: Brown & Nolan Limited, 1934; repr. 1976), pp. 43-64.
Digital Edition at CDI (PDF) (pp. 43-64 (37-58)); Glossary at CDI (PDF) (pp. 65-114 (59-107)); Irish text at CELT

Modern Irish version
Alan mac an Bhaird (tr.), Aisling Aonghasa, (Cork: CELT,2013).
Modern Irish text at CELT

Medieval Irish text and English translation
Eduard Müller (ed. & tr.), Aislinge Oengusso, in: Two Irish Tales, Revue Celtique, 3, 1878, pp. 344-350.
Digital Edition at (pp. 344-350); English translation at Tech Screpta

Rudolf Thurneysen, Aislingi Oengusai, in: Zu irischen Texten, Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie, 12, 1918, p. 400.
Digital Edition at (p. 400)
(Suggested emendations of the text edited by Müller)