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Aislinge Óenguso

Place and tribal names

Google Map of Places in text

(Onom. = Onomasticon Goedelicum)
(FM. = Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland by the Four Masters, ed. O’Donovan)
(Tp. = Topographical Poems, ed. O’Donovan)
(Ls. = Ancient Laws of Ireland, ed. O’Donovan/O’Curry)
(Mm. = O’Curry’s Lectures on the Manuscript Materials of Ancient Irish History)

In addition to the above online sources, identification of the placenames below is based on the Fascicles of the following publication, where available:

HDGP = Historical dictionary of Gaelic placenames (Ó Riain et al.)

The placenames marked with a star (*) below have been identified and appear in the Google Map above.

*Brug Meicc ind Óc = Brug na Bóinne, Newgrange monument, a burial mound in the townland of Newgrange, barony of Slane Upper (Map), Co. Meath (FM. i p. 22, note w) (HDGP ii p. 205, s.n. Brugh Mic an Óg; p. 207, s.n. Brugh (na) Bóinne) (Onom. ‘b. meicc ind óc’, ‘brug na bóinne’, ‘b. na bóinne’), §§9, 14

Connachta, the territory west of the River Shannon (HDGP vi p. 48, s.n. Connachta) (Onom. ‘connachta’), §§8, 10

*Crotta Clíach, Galty Mountains, South Co. Tipperary and East Co. Limerick (Tp. p. lxxxiii (297), note 753) (Mm. pp. 426-427 (459-460)) (HDGP vi p. 129, s.n. Crota Cliach) (Onom. ‘crotta clíach’), §7

*Crúachu, (Map – Cruachain), Rathcroghan in the townland of Toberrory, barony of Roscommon (Map), Co. Roscommon (FM. i p. 51, note h) (HDGP vi p. 131, s.n. Cruacha(in) (1) (Onom. ‘crúachu’), §11

Cuailnge, the Cooley peninsula, barony of Dundalk Lower (Map), Co. Louth (Ls. i p. 46 (107), note 1) (HDGP vi p. 143, s.n. Cuailnge) (Onom. ‘cuailnge’), §15

Ériu, Ireland (Onom. ‘ériu’), §§1, 2, 3, etc.

Femen = Mag Feimin, (Mag Femin), a plain South of Cashel, comprising the barony of Iffa and Offa East (Map), Co. Tipperary (Tp. p. lxi (275), note 514) (Onom. ‘femen’, ‘mag feimin’, ‘mag femin’), §7

*Loch Béldracon = Loch Belsét = Loch Crotta Cliach, Lough Muskry in the Galty Mountains on the South boundary of the parish of Templeneiry, barony of Clanwilliam (Map), Co. Tipperary (Ls. iv pp. 196-197 (433-434), note 3) (Mm. pp. 426-427 (459-460)) (Onom. ‘l. béldracon’, ‘l. belsét’, ‘l. crotta cliach’), §§7, 12, 13

Muma, Munster (Map), Munstermen (Onom. ‘muma’), §5

*Síd ar Femin, on Slievenamon, a mountain 8 miles North East of Clonmel, Co. Tipperary (FM. i pp. 46-47, note w) (Onom. ‘s. ar femin’, ‘s. femin’, ‘s. feimhin’, ‘s. boidb’, ‘s. ban find’, ‘s. na mban finn’), §7

Síd Úamain, in Connachta, not identified, §8