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Aided Chonchobuir

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Manuscript sources and printed editions
See aided chonchobair in MsOmit 2017
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Digital Image of manuscript
This saga appears in the manuscript MS 1339 (Book of Leinster), in Trinty College Dublin, starting on p. 123, column b, line 40, beginning BAi mesca mór for Ulto i nEmain Macha. A digital image of this manuscript is available at:Irish Script on Screen.

Medieval Irish text and English translation
Kuno Meyer (ed. & tr.), The Death-Tales of the Ulster Heroes, (Dublin: Hodges, Figgis & Co., 1906; repr. Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1993), pp. 4-11, 16-17.
Digital Edition at (pp. 4-11); (pp. 16-17); Digital Edition at (pp. 4-11 (16-23); (pp. 16-17 (28-29)); Irish text at CELT; English translation at CELT; English translation at; English translation at Tech Screpta; English translation at Tech Screpta

Medieval Irish text and English translation
Eugene O’Curry (ed. & tr.), Lectures on the Manuscript Materials of Ancient Irish History,  (Dublin, 1861; repr. Dublin: Four Courts Press, 1995), pp. 637-642.
Digital Edition at (pp. 637-642 (677-681))

The English translation, with some slight modifications, appears in:
Eleanor Hull, The Cuchullin Saga in Irish Literature, (London: David Nutt, 1898), pp. 265-272.
Digital Edition at (pp. 265-272 (355-364))

German translation
Rudolf Thurneysen (tr.), Conchobars Tod, in: Sagen aus dem alten Irland, (Berlin: Verlag von Wiegandt & Grieben, 1901), pp. 69-72.
Digital Edition at (pp. 69-72 (87-91))