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Scéla Guairi meic Colmáin ocus Meic Teléne

Place and tribal names

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(Onom. = Onomasticon Goedelicum)
(FM. = Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland by the Four Masters, ed. O’Donovan)
(Fy. = The Genealogies, Tribes and Customs of Hy-Fiachrach, ed. O’Donovan)

Aidhne, (Aidne), (Map – Aidne), the diocese of Kilmacduagh (Map), which includes the barony of Kiltartan and part of the baronies of Dunkellin and Loughrea (Map), Co. Galway (Fy. p. 52, note l) (Onom. ‘aidhne’), §1

Durlas (Guaire) = Dún Guaire, Dungory Castle, east of Kinvarra, in the barony of Kiltartan (Map), Co. Galway (Fy. pp. 67-68, note p) (FM. vi p. 2086, note q) (Onom. ‘durlas guaire’, ‘d. guaire’), §2