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Oidhe Chloinne Lir

Online sources

Manuscript sources and printed editions
See aided chloinne lir in Scéla
See oidheadh chloinne lir  in *selgā

This saga appears in the manuscript Gaelic LVI (Adv. MS. 72.2.6) in the National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, on pp.  410-431. A description of the saga in these pages appears in the following catalogue:

Donald Mackinnon, A descriptive catalogue of Gaelic manuscripts in the Advocates’ Library Edinburgh, and elsewhere in Scotland, (Edinburgh: William Brown, 1912), pp. 167-169.
Digital Edition at (pp. 167-169)

Early Modern Irish text and English translation
Eugene O’Curry (ed. & tr.), The Tri Thruaighé na Scéalaigheachta (i.e. The “Three Most Sorrowful Tales”), of Erinn. II. “The Fate of the Children of Lir”, The Atlantis, 4, 1863, pp. 114-155.
Digital Edition at (PDF)

Early Modern Irish text and English translation
Richard J. O’Duffy (ed. & tr.), Oidhe Chloinne Lir: The Fate of the Children of Lir, (Dublin: M. H. Gill & Son, 1883).
Digital Edition at Irish text (pp. 1-36 (19-54)); English translation (pp. 39-78 (57-78)); Irish text at CELT; English translation at CELT

English translation
P. W. Joyce (tr.), Old Celtic Romances, (London: C. Kegan Paul & Co., 1879), pp. 1-36.