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About this website

In recent years, published editions and translations of many medieval Irish sagas have become available online. I approached Kevin Murray to suggest presenting material from these sources alongside modern Irish versions of these sagas. The Irish Sagas Online website provides presentations of Irish sagas in which the medieval Irish text, the modern Irish version and the English translation appear side by side on the same page, thus making the medieval Irish text more accessible to students. Links are also provided to websites with background information for each saga. Permission to use the Modern Irish versions of the sagas that appear on this website has been obtained from the holders of the Copyright and is gratefully acknowledged. Permission to use material from the CELT website was forthcoming from Beatrix Färber, Project Manager of the CELT project, and generous support for setting up the Irish Sagas Online website has been provided by the CELT project and Roinn na Sean- agus na Meán-Ghaeilge. The website was designed by Margaret Lantry.

See my description of the policy I adopted in creating these presentations of Irish Sagas.

Tom O’Donovan