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Aided Diarmada meic Fergusa Cerrbeoil

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References in the Annals of Ulster, the Annals of the Four Masters and the Annals of Tigernach

U534.1 The drowning of Muirchertach Mac Erca … in a vat full of wine on the hilltop of Cleitech above Bóinn.

U544.1 Tuathal Maelgarb was killed, i.e. in Grellach Allta by Mael Mórda, and Diarmait son of Cerball succeeded him.

U549.1 The falling asleep of the son of the wright, i.e. Ciarán, in the 33rd year of his age or in the 7th after he had begun to build Cluain Moccu Nóis.

U558.5 Death of the prophet Béc son of Dé.

U561.1 The battle of Cúil Dreimne, in which 3000 fell, [won] over Diarmait son of Cerball. Forgus and Domnall, two sons of Mac Erca, i. e. two sons of Muirchertach son of Muiredach son of Eógan son of Niall, and Ainmire son of Sétna, and Nainnid son of Daui, were victors, with Aed son of Eochu Tirmcharna, king of Connacht. They prevailed through the prayers of Colum Cille.

U561.2 The battle of Cúil Dreimne. It was Fraechán, son of Teimnén, who made the druidic ‘fence’ for Diarmait. Tuatán son of Dimán son of Sárán son of Cormac son of Eógan cast the druidic ‘fence’ over them. Maglaine leaped over it and he alone was killed.

U565.1 The slaying of Diarmait son of Cerball i.e. by Aed Dub son of Suibne and the two sons of Mac Erca, Forgus and Domnall, succeeded him.

U565.2 Repose of Brénainn of Biror, as some say.

U566.2 The death of Domnall son of Muirchertach Mac Erca, to whom succeeded Ainmire son of Sétna.

U569.1 The slaying of Ainmire son of Sétna by Fergus son of Néilléne.

U570.2 Aenu, abbot of Cluain Moccu Nóis, … fell asleep.

M571.1 St. Breanainn, Abbot of Birra, died on the twenty ninth day of November.

U577.4 The killing of Aed son of Eochu Tirmcharna … by the Uí Briúin.

T583.3 Ruadhan of Lothra rested.

U588.4 The slaying of Áed Dub son of Suibne, in a ship.

U595.1 Repose of Colum Cille on the fifth of the Ides of June in the 76th year of his age.

U600.2 The slaying of Suibne son of Colmán Mór son of Diarmait Derg son of Fergus Cerrbél by Aed Sláine in Brí Dam in the Suaine, i.e. a stream.

U604.2 The slaying of Aed Sláine son of Diarmait Derg son of Fergus Cerrbél son of Conall of Cremthann son of Niall Naígiallach by Conall son of Suibne.

U604.3 The slaying of Aed Rón, king of Uí Failge, in Faithche Meic Meccnaen on the brink of Loch Semdid on the same day on which Áed Sláine was slain. Aed Gustan, foster-brother of Conall, and Baethgal Bile, killed him.

U604.4 Aed Buide, king of Cenél Maine, [died].

U635.1 The slaying of Conall son of Suibne in the house of Nad-Fraích’s son by Diarmait son of Aed Sláine.

Lebor Gabála Érenn (Macalister), Volume 4

p. 123 Badb and Macha [the Morrigu], and Anann of whom are the Two Paps of Ana in Luachair — were the three daughters of Ernmas the she-farmer.

The History of Ireland (Geoffrey Keating), Volume 1

p. 219 Badhbh, Macha, and Móirríoghan, the three goddesses [of the Tuatha Dé Danann].

The History of Ireland (Geoffrey Keating), Volume 3

pp. 51-55 Tuathal Maol Garbh, son of Cormac Caoch, son of Cairbre, son of Niall [Naoighiallach], held the sovereignty of Ireland thirteen years. He is called Tuathal Maol Garbh (‘bald-rough’), for Comain, daughter of Dall Bronach, was his mother, and when she gave birth to Tuathal, she struck his head against a stone as a ceremony foreboding success for him, and the stone made a hollow in his head, and no hair grew in that hollow; hence he was called Tuathal Maol Garbh. … His head fell off Abacuc at the fair of Taillte, for having sworn falsely by the hand of Ciaran; and he lived thus headless four years amongst the monks. … Tuathal Maol Garbh, king of Ireland, was slain by Maol Mor, uterine brother to Diarmaid, son of Fearghus Ceirrbheoil, in Greallach Eilte. … Diarmaid, son of Fearghus Ceirrbheoil, son of Conall Creamhthainne, son of Niall Naoighiallach, of the race of Eireamhon, held the sovereignty of Ireland twenty-two years.

p. 73 Diarmaid, son of Fearghus Ceirrbheoil, king of Ireland, was slain at Raith Bheag, in Magh Line, by Aodh Dubh, son of Suibhne Aruidhe; and his head was brought to Cluain Mic Nois, and his body was buried at Cuinnire.

pp. 87-89 The cause of the Battle of Cuil Dreimhne, according to the old book called Uidhir Chiarain, was this: Diarmaid, son of Fearghus Ceirrbheoil, king of Ireland, held a Feis of Tara, and a nobleman was slain at that feis by Cuarnan, son of Aodh, son of Eochaidh Tiormcharna; and the reason why Diarmaid slew this Cuarnan was that he had slain the nobleman at the feis in violation of the law and sanctuary of the feis. And before Cuarnan was slain he put himself under the protection of the two sons of Mac Earca, to wit, Fearghus and Domhnall, and they put him under the protection of Columcille, and Diarmaid slew him in violation of Columcille’s protection for having transgressed the law of Tara, and the result of this was that Columcille assembled clanna Neill of the north (on account of his own protection and that of the children of Mac Earca having been violated), and the Battle of Cuil Dreimhne was fought against Diarmaid and the men of Connaught, and they were defeated through the prayer to Columcille.

p. 111 Conall son of Suibhne defeated in battle the three Aodhs in one day, namely, Aodh Slaine, and Aodh Buidhe, king of Ui Maine, and Aodh Roin, king of Ui bhFailghe. It was at Bruighean da Choga he defeated them.

pp. 115-117 Aodh Slaine, son of Diarmaid, son of Fearghus Ceirrbheoil, and Colman Rimhidh, son of Muircheartach Mac Earca, held the sovereignty of Ireland. They were six years in joint sovereignty. Mughainn, daughter of Cucharainn, son of Duach, was the mother of Aodh Slaine. … He was called Aodh Slaine, for it was on the river which is named Slaine he was born. … Aodh Slaine was slain by Conall Guithbhinn, son of Suibhne.

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Related text online: Betha Chiaráin Clúana meic Nois (Life of Ciarán of Clonmacnois)
Whitley Stokes (ed. & tr.), Lives of Saints from the Book of Lismore, (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1890), pp. 117-134; pp. 262-280.
Digital Edition at (pp. 117-134); pp. 262-280; Irish text at CELT
Diarmait, son of Cerball, and Ciarán at the foundation of Clonmacnois (See Section 3), pp. 275-276, ll. 4376-4386

Related saga online: Scéla Guairi meic Colmáin ocus Óenu moccu Loígse (The story of Guaire mac Colmáin and Óenu moccu Loígse)
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Irish text at (p. 401); English translation at (p. 437 (472))
Enna mac ú Laigsi (See Section 3)

Related saga online: Echtra Ambacuc (Ambacuc the Perjurer)
Standish H. O’Grady (ed. & tr.), Silva Gadelica, (London: Williams and Norgate, 1892), Volume 1, p. 416; Volume 2, p. 453.
Irish text at (p. 416); English translation at (pp. 453 (488)); English translation at
In Bacucc (See Section 6)

Related saga online: Genemain Aeda Sláne (The Birth of Aedh Sláine)
Standish H. O’Grady (ed. & tr.), Silva Gadelica, (London: Williams and Norgate, 1892), Volume 1, pp. 82-84; Volume 2, pp. 88-91.
Irish text at (pp. 82-84); Irish text at CELT; English translation at (pp. 88-91 (123-126)); English translation at
Aedh Sláine (See Section 7)

Related saga online: Stair ar Aed Baclámh (A Story of Aedh Baclamh)
Standish H. O’Grady (ed. & tr.), Silva Gadelica, (London: Williams and Norgate, 1892), Volume 1, pp. 66-72; Volume 2, pp. 70-76.
Irish text at (pp. 66-72); English translation at (pp. 70-76 (105-111)); English translation at
Aedh Baclamh and Aedh Guaire (See Section 10)

Related text online: Betha Ruadhain (Life of Ruadan)
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Irish text at (pp. 317-329); Irish text at CELT; English translation at CELT
Diarmait son of Fergus Cerrbel and Ruadhan (See Section 10), pp. 312-316

Related saga online: Aided Muirchertaig meic Erca (The Death of Muirchertach mac Erca)
Whitley Stokes (ed. & tr.), Revue Celtique, 23,1902, pp. 395-437.
Digital Edition at (pp. 395-437); English translation at
Muirchertach mac Erca (See Section 19)
His death by drowning and burning comparable to Diarmaid’s (See Section 30), p. 425, §42

Related saga online: Aided Bresail meic Dhiarmata (The Death of Bresal, son of Diarmait)
Whitley Stokes (ed. & tr.), Lives of Saints from the Book of Lismore, (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1890), pp. xxvii-xxviii.
Digital Edition at (pp. xxvii-xxviii (33-34)

Related saga online: Suidigud Tellaig Temra (The settling of the manor of Tara)
R. I. Best (ed. & tr.), The settling of the manor of Tara, Ériu, 4, 1910, pp. 121-172.
Digital Edition at JSTOR; Irish text at TLH; English translation at TLH; English translation at; English translation at Tech Screpta

Life of Saint Columba (Reeves)
Aid Slane, son of King Dermit, killed Suibne, son of Columban (See Section 7), pp. 14-15 (209-210)
Aid the Black killed Diormit, son of Cerbul (See Section 30), pp. 26-27 (221-222)

Lectures on the Manuscript Materials of Ancient Irish History (O’Curry)
Bec Mac Dé (See Section 8), p. 399 (431)

Betha Colaim Chille (O’Kelleher/Schoepperle)
Battle of Cuil Dremne §§172-176 (See Section 19), pp. 181-183 (270-272)
Bec mac De and Colmcille §129 (See Section 23), pp. 127-129 (216-218)

O’Mulconry’s Glossary (Stokes), Archiv für celtische Lexicographie, 1, 1900
Macha (See Section 23), p. 271 (283), §813. Macha .i. Badb; one of the three morrígan, whence the ‘mast of Macha’ .i. the heads of men that have been slaughtered.

Airec Menman Uraird Maic Coise (Byrne), Anecdota from Irish Manuscripts, Volume 2
List of the gnathscela Herenn includes:
Buili Bic maic De, p. 45 (141), §6, lines 5-6

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Book of Lismore
Egerton 1782
Leabhar Ua Maine
Yellow Book of Lecan
Cycles of the Kings
Tuatha Dé Danann
Aed Buidhe (d. 604); Cenél Maini; Uí Maine; Kings of Uí Maine
Áed Dub mac Suibni (d. 588); Kings of Ulster; Dál nAraidi; Kings of Dál nAraidi
Áed Sláine (d. 604); High Kings of Ireland; Síl nÁedo Sláine
Áed mac Echach Tirmcharna (d. 577); Kings of Connacht
Áed Rón mac Cathail (d. 604); Uí Failghe; Kings of Uí Failghe
Ainmuire mac Sétnai (d. 569); High Kings of Ireland; Cenél Conaill
Becc mac Dé (d. 558)
Conall mac Suibne (d. 635); Kings of Uisnech; Clann Cholmáin
Diarmait mac Cerbaill (d. 565); High Kings of Ireland; Kings of Uisnech
Domnall mac Muirchertaig (d. 566); High Kings of Ireland
Forggus mac Muirchertaig; High Kings of Ireland
Macha, daughter of Ernmas
Muirchertach mac Erca (d. 534); High Kings of Ireland; Kings of Ailech
Óenu moccu Loigse (d. 570); Abbots of Clonmacnoise
Saint Brendan of Birr; Saints of Ireland
Saint Ciarán of Clonmacnoise (d. 549); Abbots of Clonmacnoise; Saints of Ireland
Saint Columba (Colm Cille) (d. 595); Saints of Ireland
Saint Ruadán of Lorrha; Saints of Ireland
Suibne mac Colmáin (d. 600); Kings of Uisnech; Clann Cholmáin
Túathal Máelgarb (d. 544); High Kings of Ireland
Conaille Muirthemne
Grianán of Aileach

Early Christian Sites in Ireland

Voices from the Dawn
Grianán of Aileach

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